Our service

  • Wifi: For free

  • Toilet & Shower: Please share 3 toilet & shower rooms with all guests.

  • Towel : A towel is ready for each customer.

  • Drinking water: Drinking water is free.

  • Amenities: We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap in each shower room.

  • Yukata: We have many Japanese YUKATA as your relaxing pajamas, Our staff will explane when you check in.

  • Free tools: We have hair dryer, mosquito spray, umbrellas and so on, Please ask our staff.

  • Selling tools: Tooth brash, mobile cables, extra rental towels


  • Bar: We sell beer, Japanese SAKE, pram wine.

  • Dinner: 5pm – 8pm. Please order until 11am on that day. NOT included with room rate. Check our dinner menu, please.

  • Motor bike & Bike: Ask our staff, please.

  • Tours: We can introduce various tours in Chaing Mai. Ask our staff, please.

  • Transportation: We can call taxi & tuk-tuk. Ask our staff, please.

  • Laundry: Ask our staff, please.